Constitution & Bylaws

Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club, Inc.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

 Article No. 1


This Club shall be known as the Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club, Inc.

Article No. 2

Section a – Active Member shall be male or female members, riders or enthusiasts, that are actively connected with the club. An active member must be at least 16 years of age. An active member must attend club meetings or L.V.M.C. club events for a total of ten (10) credits during a 12-month period to retain or achieve active membership status.  Each club meeting or club event is one (1) credit. (Rev. 3/2011)

Section b – Inactive Member a member who fails to meet the requirements of the active member (see Article #2-Section a).  The member who is considered to be inactive will have No Vote.

Section c. – Delinquent Member dues are due by July 31 annually. If a member is more than one (1) month back in dues.  A delinquent member to become an active member must pay back dues before 3 months have elapsed.  After 3 months have elapsed delinquent member must join as a new member. (Rev. 12/16/22)

Section d – Life Member – Active or Inactive members who have completed 20 consecutive years of membership.  Social membership years are not credited toward life membership. 

Section e – Social Member  Eliminated (Rev.4/3/22)


Article No. 3


The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Referee, Assistant Referee and seven (7) Directors.  These fourteen (14) people shall constitute the Executive Board. The Directors shall be responsible for the upkeep of all club property. (Rev. 12/7/10) All elected officers must be active dues paying members or active, life members in good standing and must be current AMA members during their term of office. (Rev. 3/2013) (Rev. 4/15/22)


Article No. 4


The duties of the President shall be:
To preside at all meetings of the club.  To have general supervision of the affairs of the club.  To appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club.  To personally represent the club on proper occasions and business contracts. To assist all other officers of the club in their records, correspondence and other duties.  To promote interest on the part of each member in club life and activities.  To vote only when one vote is necessary to break a tie.


Article No. 5


The duties of the Vice-President shall be:

To perform the duties of the President in his absence.


Article No. 6

The duties of the Secretary shall be:
To keep a hard copy and computer record of all club business on site. To send out notices of regular or special meetings.  To handle all club correspondence.  To perform such other duties as generally fall to that office. (Rev. 5/27/22)


Article No. 7

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:
To collect money due to the club.  To make all payments from the club funds when so ordered by the club.  To keep an account of all money matters.  To make a statement of club funds at each meeting.  Keep an up to date hard copy and computer record of club finances. (Rev. 5/27/22)


Article No. 8


The duties of the Membership Secretary shall be:
To collect dues from all the members and issue membership cards.  Keep accurate record of dues collected and give report and dues to the Treasurer.  Keep applications on file for all applicants and bring these to the executive board for vote after the probationary period. Up to date membership records shall be maintained hardcopy and on the club computer. (Rev. 7/1/22)


Article No. 9

The duties of the Executive Board shall be:
To act for the club in all matters ordered by the club.  To vote in new members.  To make final decisions upon member expulsions.  To properly investigate and present to the club all business or important activity situations.
The Executive Board shall never infringe on the constitution or by-laws of LVMC.
To have general control over all club affairs.  Eight (8) members shall comprise a quorum of the Executive Board.


Article No.10


The duties of the Referee shall be:

To have general supervision over all competition events promoted by the club. (Rev.7/1/22)


Article No.11


The duties of the Assistant Referee shall be to assist the Referee.


Article No.12 (refer to By-Law 7)


Nominations and election of officers shall be held separately on any suitable club meeting nights in October.  All elective offices shall be filled at this time and all officers shall assume their duties first meeting in November.  They shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified.  Proper notice of the nomination and election shall be given.
By-Law 7 - Any officer unable to attend to duties will be evaluated and voted on by the board.  If it is found necessary the Executive Board will appoint a new officer. (Rec. 9/22/22)


Article No.13


The regular meeting of the club shall be held on the club grounds weekly at 8:30 P.M.  The President or any member of the Executive Board may call a special meeting at any time for special purposes.


Article No.14


Sale of Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club Real Estate must be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and shall be posted on the bulletin board for four (4) weeks and voted on at the next meeting. Ninety percent (90%) of all active members present in good standing must vote in the affirmative to pass and approve the sale of club real estate. (Rev. 9/22/22)


Article No. 15


This constitution and by-laws may be amended or added to the proposed amendment being submitted in writing at a regular meeting.  It shall be posted on the bulletin board for two (2) weeks and voted on at the next meeting.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of all active members present in good standing must vote in the affirmative to pass an amendment or addition. 


Article No. 16


Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club is open to all persons regardless of Race, Creed, Religious belief, Social status, or Sexual preference who are motorcyclists or motorcyclist enthusiasts. Added 5/23/08





  1. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Parliamentary procedure of this club, unless otherwise provided by the by-laws.  The order of business shall be:
  1. Roll Call
  2. Reading of Minutes
  3. Financial Report
  4. Unfinished business
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment

  1. The standing committee of the club shall be a house committee consisting of the Board of Directors a field committee and an entertainment committee who have been appointed by the president.  The president shall also name one individual as chairperson

    The House Committeeshall have supervision of the clubhouse and be directly responsible for the maintenance of same including the upkeep of club furniture and fixtures.

    The Field Committee shall be in charge of renovation and improvements to the field (LVMC Bethel Grounds).  The committee can spend up to $300.00 for ground maintenance per year without club approval.  Any amount over this shall be put before the executive board for evaluation and approval.  All large dollar amounts shall be presented to the membership for a vote.  They shall assume their duties from November 1st through October 31st.

    The Entertainment Committee shall be in charge of food when required at special club events.  They will also help with banquet preparations at the annual awards banquet.  They will serve from November 1st through October 31st.

     3. Dues are twenty  five ($25.00) a year for active members.
    A new member must pay with his application a ten-dollar ($10.00) initiation fee.  Upon acceptance as an active member a new member will pay one year’s dues in advance.


    a.​ Dues for social members are twenty ($20.00) a year. A new member must pay with his application a five-dollar ($5.00)       initiation fee. Upon acceptance as a social member a new member will pay one year’s dues in advance.


  1.   Social membership deleted (4/3/22)

  2. All bills must be checked and approved by the Executive Board before they are paid. Exception – the ordinary and everyday expenses e.g. utilities, trash, postage, and the like. The president must countersign all checks.

    5. New Member Applicants: A prospective member must be recommended by a club member.  From the time application for membership and required fees (initiation fees) are submitted a six-week probationary period will be in effect.  During this probationary period the member applicant will be required to attend 1/3 of L.V.M.C. meetings and/or club events.  The application for membership will be voted upon after the six-week probationary period by the executive board.  Membership approval will be at the discretion of the executive board.

    6. Impeachment of any officer must be voted on by the Executive Board.

    7. Any officer unable to attend to duties will be evaluated and voted on by the board.  If it is found necessary the Executive Board will appoint a new officer.

    8. The president shall appoint active club members in addition to himself and the treasurer to audit the financial records at the end of the election year or any time it is deemed necessary.

    9. All Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club, Inc. Property – Lebanon Club House and Bethel      Grounds inclusive – Be exempt from use by any person or organization for the purpose of personal gain by money or profit making and/or soliciting or selling of illegal substances.  All active Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club Members in good standing requesting use of said property must be reviewed by the Executive Board to determine that their request is not for the above mentioned purpose and that said member will be present at the time of use, and that they will be responsible for any misuse of property.  Exception to this amendment is for the purpose of Fund-Raising by Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club, Inc. to promote this club and continue the existence of this club as a non-profit organization.  The Executive Board will review any infraction of this amendment and all decisions by them will be final.

    10. Fiscal year records should go to tax accountant end of fiscal year. Financial records must be filed with tax accountant annually. Fiscal year first (1st) Friday in November prior year to first 1st Friday of current year.

      Example:  November 1, 2021 – to November 1 2022

    Revised  December 16, 2022 (12/16/22)